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US/UK BASES IN IRAQ, Part II. The South : Falcon-Al-Sarq, Tallil, Shaibah

Sarah Meyer, Index Research

June 7, 2006

Index Research

CIA 01.03 map of Iraq’s oilfields

"It is important to remember, at this point, that the UN Security Council "mandate" for the occupation troops in Iraq ended by the end of 2005. Apart from ex-prime minister Jafari's "invitation", they do not have any "legal" cover to stay." Sabah Ali.


The CIA ’03 oil map (above) explains the location of US/UK bases in Iraq. There is also a CIA map of oil fields, circa 1992. If one then looks at the Centcom map, one sees that there are nine visibly marked bases, not including the Baghdad complex, along the oil axis. These are: Al Sahra, Kirkuk, Balad and Qayyara West in the North; Tallil and Salman North in the South; Al Taquaddam, H2 and H3 in the West. Some southern UK-controlled areas, including Basra where the UK base is located, cannot be seen.

US/UK Bases in southern Iraq1 focuses on the camps and their facilities as well as some of the human rights abuses of prisoners ("detainees") within each base. Prison camps are part of the scenery within most - if not all – bases in Iraq. To understand the extent of these 38 prisons, it is important to read Ghali Hassan’s article, Iraq: A cluster of torture prisons. The effect of the sanctions, the bombing, the prisons, the tortures, the civilian murders2, the lack of water, electricity, medicine, hospital facilities is - as Mr. Hassan said - to make Iraq a victim of international terrorism.

According to the 01/03 CIA map, there is a super-giant oil field (5b barrels in reserve) to the SE of Baghdad. This is where Camp Falcon/al Sarq is located. The US vice3 around Baghdad is thus complete.

Camp Falcon-al-Sarq, formerly FOB/Camp Ferrin-Huggins. "By late January 2004 engineers from the 1st Armored Division were midway through an $800 million project to build half a dozen camps," expected to be finished by 03.04. "The new outposts, dubbed Enduring Camps, will improve living quarters for soldiers and allow the military to return key infrastructure sites within the Iraqi capital to the emerging government, military leaders said. Plans called for the camps to last between five to 10 years, possibly even longer." Dining facility finished 09.03. Spacious PX, Internet café, TV. By early 2005, there were 6000 troops.

Unlike Baghdad, where sewage is a major problem, new sewage pipes were installed for the US military, also in early 2005.

The Company of Soldiers was an 'embed’ film made by Frontline in 11.04 about Camp Falcon. Fallujah was bombed by the modern version of Monsanto napalm three days after the filming started. Ambushes on Dog Company are discussed, as is the one 'insurgent’ killed. No mention is made in this film of phosphorus bombs used in Fallujah by the American troops, later exposed in the RAI News video.

Sgt. Max Jackson wrote about this US television show: "Being home for 5 months now, I'm finding the hardest thing that I personally have to deal with was our coarse attitude towards all Iraqi's. I am embarrassed to say that we treated stray dogs, camels and goats better than we did the Iraqi people."

This article about milblogging (military blogging) focuses on Camp Falcon. Milblogging is a popular pastime amongst the troops.

Camp Graceland "is the US National Guard side of Camp Falcon," 20 minutes from Baghdad.

Rasheed Airbase and Military Camp, 11 km SE of central Baghdad. This airbase has an 8,300 ft. long runway. Rasheed Airbase is not part of the Baghdad Airport complex. It was used by Hans Blix and his team during the UNMOVIC inspection programme.

Camp Cuervo / Camp Rustamiyah (ex Camp Muleskinner). 6 miles S. of Sadr City & SE of Rashid airport. Designated as an 'enduring’ base. "The quality of life has improved greatly as all of the work areas and soldiers living areas now have air-conditioning."

"Four two-stories barrack facilities, built at a cost of $2 million … small PX, laundry facility, a 24/7 internet café, a kick boxing/aerobic room and two KBR restaurants, one of which has become famous for its fresh fruit smoothies, while the other serves "cookouts", including baked fish or lamb kabob. Both restaurants serve local cuisine along with American favorites such as pizza, hot dogs, burgers, and fries. The 24/7 internet café fields 22 computers while allowing individual, personal laptop connectivity and is staffed by two civilians. Internet usage there is limited to 30 minutes. These are to be eventually equipped with a flat panel computer connected to the Internet4. A carpeted dayroom, located on the ground floor, is equipped with a big screen TV with satellite, a pool table, couches, as well as other comforts." In early 2005, 3000 troops.

Milblogs & Articles
I was stationed at Camp Cuervo.

Day 13: Coping Skills.

Jeffrey’s 1st Letter Home

Al Juburi’s story.

Camp Cuervo Detention Facility
Prisoners ('Detainees’) are kept here until transferred to Abu Ghraib. The facility holds 48. An older detention camp at the back was due to be transferred to Iraqis in ’04.

HSB Battery Newsletter (16.07.04) describes moving into the Camp Cuervo facilities, and also gives a description of the Camp Cuervo Detention Facility: "As soldiers begin to occupy their new living facility, others on this camp will be moving into new living quarters as well. They are the residents of the new Cuervo Detention Facility. I know you have become very familiar with a place know as Abu Ghraib. Some of the prisoners who end up there come from Camp Cuervo. When we detain someone, it is usually for questioning and a few nights stay. If they are deemed harmless, they are released. If an interrogation leads to proof of anti-coalition activities, they are held until we are able to deliver them to Abu Ghraib. All detainees will now be housed in the new detention facility which is located on the back portion of the camp. The building was once an indoor pistol range for soldiers in Saddam’s army. The new facility is an air-conditioned building with ceiling fans over each cell. There are 24 cells, each housing two detainees. Unlike the old cells, detainees will have bunk beds and a place to sit while they are here. A hot and cold shower house will be directly outside the front of the building where all of the detainees will be able to clean up. Two chain link fences with strands of razor wire surround the facility. The old detention facility is on the back side of the camp. The back half of the camp will be handed back over to the Iraqi Army. A new group of troops have arrived to help support us in the security of the camp. They are former members of the South African Army and will help guard the back half of the camp."

Stories: The Americans are allowing the breakdown. See GI Special 3A81, US Occupation Command Free Local Criminals.

See: 16.06.05, Christian Peacemaker Team story: Tales from Falcon Camp.

Engineer Base Anvil.
"On 15 April 2003 the Marine's 7th Engineer Support Battalion moved to the outskirts of Baghdad where they set up camp in the compound of the Iraqi Republican Guard Headquarters and named the area Engineer Base Anvil."


Photo: Keith Hadley / Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Air Base occupies 30 sq. kilometres of desert, 310 km SE of Baghdad and near An Nasiriyah, in Dhi Qar. On a map, this area is shown as being under UK control. (?). Nearby is Ur, the birthplace of Abraham - wrecked in Gulf War I. At this base there are 2 airstrips; a weapons storage area (where there is another camp). "40,000 feet of trenched electrical cable; five miles of buried underground water pipe.

AP Reporter Charles Hanley (23/01.06) said that the air base is to get $22m. for a "double-perimeter security fence with high tech gate controls, guard towers and a moat."

Camp Adder
is the re-supply base within the Air Base. "Soldiers are housed in trailers, and they get to sleep on real beds with relatively new mattresses."

Camp Cedar I: from whence fuel was moved, now a dustbowl.

Camp Cedar II: about 20 min. from Tallil; now a "vibrant tent city."
"350,000 square feet of facilities; … Infrastructure courtesy KRB. "Dining facility ($14m), air-conditioned force provider tents, air-conditioned mobile latrines, a post exchange, morale, welfare and recreation tents to accommodate more than 5,000 service members and government civilians and contractors." First KRB "Freedom Chapel" dedicated 14.09.03. Burger King and Pizza Hut.

The DCMA South Iraq Satellite Office is located in Camp Cedar.

Corpwatch (16.06.04) described Halliburton / KBR corruption at Camp Cedar. A Halliburton employee, David Wilson, said: "KBR would run trucks empty quite often," Wilson said. "Sometimes they would have five empty trucks, sometimes they would have a dozen. One time we ran 28 trucks and only one had anything on it. There were several times when we had empty trucks both on the way to Anaconda and then on the way back to Cedar II. I don't understand why KBR would have placed our lives in danger that way for no reason."

Camp Cedar is one of four bases5 where "Gangland Grafiti" (see photos) is rife, highlighting "increasing gang activity in the Army in the United States and overseas." Scott Barfield, a DoD gang detective at Fort Lewis in Washington state, said: "Army recruiters eager to meet their goals have been overlooking applicants' gang tattoos and getting waivers for criminal backgrounds … They are being told less than five tattoos is not an issue. More than five, you do a waiver saying it's not gang-related. You'll see soldiers with a six-pointed star with GD [Gangster Disciples] on the right forearm."

Parsons (19.03.05) signed a contract for the "construction and commissioning of An Nasiriyah Correctional Facility. The specific prison is not named.

Camp Whitford, now TSP Whitford.
'Enemy’ prisoner of war camp in 06.03; prisoners moved to a larger facility, TSP Whitford6. …The new facility is more secure and is larger. "The new facility can hold thousands of EPW's until they are moved to the main compound in Umm Qasr. They usually only spend about 72 hours there."

Camp Whitehorse, near Nassiriya, is a marine prisoner-of-war camp.

Corpwatch, in Meet the New Interrogators: Lockheed Martin (04.11.05) said that Lockheed Martin paid people $2,000 just for signing up at Camp Whitehorse, Abu Ghraib and Camp Cropper. Very good salaries. Chatterjee wrote: "Known in the intelligence community as "97 Echoes" (97E is the official classification number for the interrogator course taught at military colleges including Fort Huachuca, Arizona), these contractors will work side-by-side with military interrogators conducting question-and-answer sessions using 17 officially sanctioned techniques, ranging from "love of comrades" to "fear up harsh." Their subjects will be the tens of thousands of men thrown into United States-run military jails on suspicion of links to terrorism."

Eight marines charged for 'brutal treatment & possible (sic) death of 52 yr old Nagem Sadoon Hatab. His autopsy revealed bone and rib fractures, and multiple bruises on his body. A key witness, when asked where a broken bone was, said she had no idea and that 'medication she took for an allergic reaction to sand fly bites during her trip to Iraq may have affected her memory.’ Lance Cpl. William S. Roy, granted immunity for his testimony, said guards often abused prisoners at the Camp White Horse detention center.

Guards also testified that they forced prisoners to stand for 50 minutes (the "50/10 technique") in an hour, for 10 hours per day, after which they would be questioned.

Tallil Military Base: for some members of the future 40000 new Iraqi Army.

Nasiriyah's Republic Hospital said seven patients were killed in their beds when a shell hit the building April 7 2003. The Geneva Convention forbids the bombing of hospitals. The US, however, has continued to bomb hospitals.


Coalition forces are under UK control in the following Iraqi provinces: Qadisiya, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Muthanna and Basra. "The UK provides the leadership of the Multi-National Division (South-East) which has UK, Italian, Romanian, Danish, Dutch, Czech and Lithuanian troops under its command." There is, however, a continuing US presence in the South.

And the withdrawal of UK troops? The Scotsman claimed on 05.02.06 that although there are plans to withdraw 2000 UK troops from Iraq, there is a secret plan to keep UK troops permanently in Iraq."

QADISIYA. There were / are (?) some US camps in Diwaniya: Camp Anderson, Camp Hope, Camp Edson (a post office). There was (is?) a rail depot at the Civil-Military Operations Center (CMOC).

Camp / FOB Echo.
From 2005, a Polish-led multinational centre. Poland has 900 non-combat troops; commands multinational force south of Baghdad.

Al-Diwaniyah Prison.
In Diwaniya, abuse of Iraqi children was reported by The Washington Post (15.12.04). In July ’03 "four Marines ordered teenage Iraqi looters to kneel alongside holes and then fired a pistol "to conduct a mock execution."

DHI QAR: See US Base, Talill

Camp Condor, Amarah Air Base and map.



The airport is marked on the Centcom map. As Salman is in SE Iraq, near Muthanna. There is very little information about As Salman North. Map of As Salman, SW of An Najaf; Full list of all airbases in Iraq.

Global Security reports: "The airfield is served by a single 9,700 foot long runway. As Salman occupies a 17 square kilometer site and is protected by a 18 kilometers security perimeter. As Salman was a new airfield built since the 1991 Gulf war. According to the "Gulf War Air Power Survey, there is an intercept operations center located near As Salman Airbase."

There was an inaccessible desert prison built in the 1980’s, at Qalat Al Salman It remains unclear if this is near the present airbase or if it is in use.

07.06.06. Hornsnell / Evans, The Times. Military justice in the dock after acquittals


CIA (1980) Oil map

DCMA Southern Iraq CENTCOM Satellite Office

Shaibah, 10 miles south west of Al Basrah is the Main Logistics Base for UK troops. See photo.

Any UK defence information on Iraq is sparse. The present PM is excellent at "transparency", which, translated, means 'looking clearly at a wall.’

03.04.05. Telegraph. "British troops are based in five locations in southern Iraq, including Camp Abu Naji in Al Amarah, which is home to a battle group of about 1,000 armoured infantry troops. The remainder of the 9,000 troops are split between the three camps in Basra and the logistics base at Shaibah, 25 miles south of the city. From next year Camp Abu Naji and the Shaibah logistics base will be the only locations occupied by British forces."

Military Hospital

Richard Norton-Taylor wrote (02.06.06.): "Most of the British troops are based in Shaibah, an arid encampment north-west of the city protected by 24 km. of wire fencing. Every day British soldiers in Land Rovers … escort convoys on a nine-hour trip to Kuwait and back. The sole mission of these daily convoys … is to bring thousands of bottles of safe drinking water from the desert state."7

David Smith, an Observer 'embed,’ added (04.06.06) that "smartish cafes have opened and an Iraqi hairdresser and shopkeeper work on site. Unlike in Basra itself, there is a constant supply of electricity, hot running water and air conditioning." Pizza Hut, TV, Internet. Sgt. Martin said, "I think Iraqis are disappointed they haven't received what they hoped would happened after the war. They want us to go." L/Cpl. agreed: "'Before, we were welcome, now we're not welcome." Cpl. Carey said, "We covered the firemen when they were on strike and they earn 27 or 28 grand. We're talking about privates on tour getting just below 14 grand. They're risking their lives more than firemen or anyone else in the UK." Captain Reid said, "I'd prefer somewhere else: you get a different medal to show at weddings. Afghanistan is the fashionable place to go and we're all very fashion conscious in the army." More.

Dog Section. See photos of accommodation, dogs, Prime Minister at training class, etc.

Shaibah Log Base: Army Rumour Service

Basra Palace is still being used to entertain visitors in 2006. The photo of Jack Straw at the palace has been withdrawn, but the photo of the new UK Defense Secretary, taken in May ’06, can be seen here.

19.10.05. S. Meyer, Index Research. MI5 in Basra. Basra Shadowlands.

5.6.6.Times Embed Report on Basra. Daily attacks and abuse - the new reality for British troops.

Theater Internment Facility (TIF).

A $103m renovation project was ongoing at Camp Bucca, near Umm Qasr. In 2005, this facility "operated by the 18th Military Police Brigade and Task Force 134." The camp is the main prisoner ("detainee") base, following Abu Ghraib. Visitors, other than family members of prisoners, are discouraged.

16-22 April 2003: ICRC delegates witnessed a shooting incident, which caused the death of one person deprived of his liberty and injury of another at Camp Bucca.

In May 2003, the Black Watch regiment was being investigated following the death of two civilians. More.

02.04. "Since the establishment of Umm Qasr camp and its successor, Camp Bucca, persons deprived of their liberty undergoing interrogation, whether they had been arrested by British, Danish, Dutch or Italian armed forces were segregated from other internees in a separate section of the camp designed for investigation. This section was initially operated by the British Armed Forces who called it Joint Field Intelligence Team (JFIT). On 7 April, its administration was handed over to the US Armed Forces, which renamed it Joint Interrogation Facility/Interrogation Control Element (JIF/ICE). On 25 September 2003, its administration was handed back to the British Armed Forces." Ror Um Qasr, see 3.3., REPORT OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS (ICRC) ON THE TREATMENT BY THE COALITION FORCES OF PRISONERS OF WAR AND OTHER PROTECTED PERSONS BY THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS IN IRAQ DURING ARREST, INTERNMENT AND INTERROGATION.

"Since May 2003, the ICRC repeatedly recommended to the CF to use non-lethal methods to deal with demonstrations, riots or escape attempts. The ICRC reminds the authorities of the CF that the use of firearms against persons deprived of their liberty, especially against those who are escaping or attempting to escape is an extreme measure which should not be disproportionate to the legitimate objective to be achieved (to apprehend the individual) and shall always be preceded by warning appropriate to the circumstances (Art. 42 Third Geneva Convention)." Camp Bucca Report.

"Bone-crushing" abuse has been reported here. 11 detainees have escaped from this Camp; and 4 dead, 6 injured in a 2005 riot were reported.

In January 2005, there was a riot during which 4 Iraqi prisoners died and 6 were wounded.

"In May 2005, to cope with the continuing influx of detainees, the Pentagon announced that Bucca, which has eight compounds, would construct two more compounds. These new compounds would add the ability to hold an additional 1,400 prisoners. The expansion was estimated to cost $12 million."

An Iraqi journalist, Salaam Al-Jubouri, was imprisoned here (02.06). He was member of the Jury of Conscience at the June 2005 BRussels World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul.

"As of March 2006, Bucca was Iraq’s largest detainee facility with over 8,500 detainees."

05.06.06. About 3,500 soldiers at Leonard Wood (Missouri, USA) will get hands-on training this year at Camp Charlie, which is modeled after Camp Bucca. May 26 was the first day of training, and the Army opened the camp to reporters. (NB: reporters are not allowed at Camp Bucca, Iraq). Mock detainee center opens at Leonard Wood


08.05.06. Irin IRAQ: UN report cites vast under-nutrition among children. Despite rising poverty, the government has decided to cut the food ration budget from four to three billion US dollars in 2006.

IRAQ: Displaced from 2003 still homeless, say analysts.

Of the 136 water projects first envisioned in Iraq, only 49, or 36%, will be completed.

Initial plans called for completing 180 medical clinics by December 2005, but only four are finished

Electricity Production in Iraq Remains Below Pre-War Levels. Matters are now worse than when Dahr Jamail wrote this article in 2004.

Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule. "The Pentagon has decided to omit from new detainee policies a key tenet of the Geneva Convention that explicitly bans "humiliating and degrading treatment," according to knowledgeable military officials, a step that would mark a further, potentially permanent, shift away from strict adherence to international human rights standards." (05.06.06, Julian Barnes, LA Times)


[1] See: US Bases in Iraq: Part I: Baghdad. See also: Iraq, US Bases: Intentional Obfuscation.
[2] Civilian 'body counts’ are still disputed. The number of Iraqi academics and doctors murdered can be seen here.
[3] See: Big News Network (01.05.06): Ring of steel protects Iraqi oil terminals.
[4] An undated website provides information about US/UK Internet companies operating in Iraq
[5] Others: Camp Anaconda, Taji, Camp Scania
[6] Mentioned in the Taguba Report (04.05.04).
[7] The details given in Iraq in officially sanctioned numbers of the food served at al-Faw Palace, Baghdad, are staggering!

Key Source Material:
John Pike's website, www.globalsecurity.org, forms the bedrock of this research. Within this site, there is a key treasure trove, into which one can dive for further information: Military Facilities. Permission by John Pike was given for the use of his excellent site.

The url to US/UK BASES IN IRAQ, Part II: The South is: http://indexresearch.blogspot.com/2006/06/usuk-bases-in-iraq-part-ii-south.html

Sarah Meyer is a researcher living in Sussex, UK.
Her email is: sarahmeyer@freedom255.com

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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