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Jewish Zionists Keeping Up the Pretense of America's Global Empire

Bob Finch

Al-Jazeerah, July 25, 2006

Both America and the Jews-only state in Palestine (Jos) have a vested political interest in continuing to maintain the fiction that America is the empire and the Jos is its satellite. After all, a hyper-power like America doesn’t want the world to ridicule it, even if only in private, for being the servant of a tiny nation of belligerent paranoid racists surrounding themselves with walls, buffer zones, and security fences, in the Middle East. The Jos doesn’t want the world to know it is giving orders to the Bush administration because then it would have to take the blame for its racist deeds that it is currently deflecting onto America. One of the ways the two nations conspire to maintain the illusion of American domination is when the Jos pretends to confer with America as to whether it can launch a war against another country and how long it has to continue fighting the war – as if America had any power to resist or stop the Jos. "On the eve of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit to Jerusalem, senior officials believe Israel has an American nod to continue operations against Hizbullah at least until next Sunday." (Aluf Benn, Shmuel Rosner and Shlomo Shamir 'Senior officials believe U.S. will give Israel a week to complete military offensive in Lebanon’ http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/741445.html  July 23, 2006).

Let’s imagine a situation where America is opposed to Jewish-Zionist war-mongering. What is the president of the United States going to do about it? He can’t do anything because his administration is composed largely of Jewish Zionists whose main role is to serve the interests of the Jos whilst Congress is full of politicians who have been bought and paid for like Cattle in a market. They give their assenting moos when the legislation written by another group of traitorous Jews comes before them in congress for their approval.

It was only four years ago when Bush, who hadn’t quite appreciated he was just an agent for global Jewish-Zionist power, ordered Sharon to stop the demolition of Jenin. Sharon publicly humiliated him four times. The Jewish Zionists even got their Congressional serfs to write a letter to Bush criticizing him for going against the Jos’s interests and thus, in effect, the interests of the global Jewish-Zionist Empire.

America’s role in the war in Lebanon is simply to provide the money and the weapons to enable the Jewish Zionists to fight the war of their choice. America’s provision of money and weapons to the Jos is not indicative of its power over the Jos because Americans receive nothing from the Jos. There is no deal between America and the Jos. The Jos just extracts tribute payments from their American serfs. The war in Lebanon was preplanned by the Jewish Zionists. When they decided to use the capture of their soldiers as an excuse to attack Lebanon, the Bush administration tamely went along with what they chose to do. The Jewish Zionist colossal, and grossly disproportionate aerial bombing campaign, was simply accepted by America’s Zionized leadership

America’s current political role is to go around the world trying to sweep up the mess created by their Jewish Zionist  masters and impose the Jewish-Zionist chosen peace plan for Lebanon and beyond. "Rice will first explore ways with Israel's leadership to end the crisis and begin to shape a new order in Lebanon. She will return next Sunday to try to implement a cease-fire. From Jerusalem, Rice will go on to Rome to meet senior delegates from the United Nations and Arab states. They will discuss formulating a political arrangement and a plan to rehabilitate Lebanon. From Rome she will travel to an Asian conference in Malaysia, from where she will return to Israel." (Aluf Benn, Shmuel Rosner and Shlomo Shamir 'Senior officials believe U.S. will give Israel a week to complete military offensive in Lebanon’ http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/741445.html  July 23, 2006). In other words, Rice picks up her orders from the Jewish Zionists, tells America’s allies what the Jewish Zionist plan is, and then returns to the Jos to tell the Jewish Zionists that she has now got everyone on board to do what the Jewish Zionists want.

Juan Cole gives his analysis of the relationship between America and the Jewish Zionists that has been highlighted by the Jewish Zionist attack on Lebanon. He takes the traditional left wing view that America’s strategic interests overlap with the Jos’s regional interests. "The Bush administration's perceived economic and geopolitical interests thus overlap strongly with Israel's perceived security interests, with both benefiting from an Israeli destruction of Hizbullah. It is not impossible that the US Pentagon urged the Israelis on in this endeavor. They certainly knew about and approved of the plan." (Juan Cole 'War on Lebanon Planned for at least a Year’ http://www.juancole.com/2006_07_01_juanricole_archive.html  July 23, 2006).

In order to make this wacky theory seem plausible he has to rewrite history. According to the ever impartial Mr. Cole, the reason that America is anti-Iranian is because Iran refuses to allow America’s massive multi-national oil industry to make invest in Iran and consequently make huge profits. "For the Bush administration, Iran and Hizbullah are not existential threats. They are proximate threats. Iran is hostile to US corporate investment in the oil-rich Gulf,, and so is a big obstacle to American profit-making in the region." (Juan Cole 'War on Lebanon Planned for at least a Year’ http://www.juancole.com/2006_07_01_juanricole_archive.html  July 23, 2006). This is a gross distortion of the truth. For the last decade Iran would have positively welcomed investments from American oil companies and their technology. In 1995 it was the  neocon Jewish Zionists in America who ordered Clinton to pass an executive order preventing American energy companies from investing in Iran. In other words, American Jewish Zionists determined America’s policies towards Iran, not America’s national interests nor its massive multinational oil companies. At the time, even Dick Cheney, from energy company Halliburton, protested about Clinton’s ban on investments in Iran.

How does America benefit from supporting a belligerent racist state which is starving Palestinians to death and thus enraging the whole Muslim world (turning some towards violence), tearing Lebanon to shreds, turning Iraq into a cesspit of violence, returning Afghanistan to a Taliban dominated narco-state, and pushing Pakistan towards an implosion because of Pakistanis’ increasing support for the Taliban? The Jewish Zionists are turning the Middle East upside down and inside out and Juan Cole comes along and pretends this is in America’s economic interests!

How are America’s economic interests being promoted in the Middle East by the Jewish Zionists when their military objectives are to destroy all the economic activities of those who oppose their racism and their continued military expansion? The Jewish Zionists do not aim merely to militarily defeat an enemy. They aim to destroy their enemies’ economic activities in order to prevent them from developing any military power that could confront the global Jewish Zionist  Empire. The Jewish Zionists have devastated Palestinians’ economic capacity over the last few years. And, the main objective of the Jewish Zionist aerial onslaught against Lebanon has been to destroy Hizbullah’s and Lebanon’s economic activities. The Jewish Zionist focus on destroying infrastructure and businesses has been utterly blatant.

Gabriel Ash has argued, "The Middle East is boiling over yet again. Israel is resorting to the one strategy it has perfected since the day it was created, murdering civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure. The Israeli defense doctrine, old as Israel itself, considers bombing of civilian targets a means for pressuring "militants" and uncooperative governments. So Israel bombs bridges and villages in South Lebanon, power plants in Gaza, orchards, fields, schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods, beach barbecue parties, etc. Everything is a legitimate target. Israeli ministers announce publicly that their chief strategy is to cause civilian suffering. Every day sees its Guernica, and the U.N., which proudly displays a reproduction of the painting, is mum in the face of a hundred Guernicas." (Gabriel Ash 'Israel's Terrorism’ http://dissidentvoice.org/July06/Ash18.htm  July 18, 2006). Robert Fisk highlights a small example of a much wider phenomenon. "Be sure - the Israelis know what they are hitting. That's why they killed nine soldiers near Tripoli when they bombed the military radio antennas. But a logistics unit? Men whose sole job was to mend electricity lines? And then it dawns on me. Beirut is to die. It is to be starved of electricity now that the power station in Jiyeh is on fire. No one is to be allowed to keep Beirut alive. So those poor men had to be liquidated." (Robert Fisk 'Elegy for Beirut’ http://www.counterpunch.org/Fisk07222006.html  July 22-23, 2006). And yet here we have Juan Cole, from an American military background, pretending that such destruction is in America’s economic interests. Cole’s view is barmy.

Anyone interested in appreciating the scale of the Jewish Zionist attacks on Lebanon’s economic, rather than military, targets should read the list provided by Brian Whitaker 'Battered Lebanon Counts the Cost of Israeli Onslaught’ http://www.commondreams.org/headlines06/0721-01.htm  July 21, 2006. Those commentators pretending that what the Jewish Zionists are doing in the Middle East has any political, moral, or economic, benefit for America are Jewish Zionist lapdogs.

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