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Premeditated Genocide; Racism as a case for war in Lebanon

Report and Comments by A.J. Ward; 7-25-06


July 25, 2006

When I first began to write down my thoughts about this new battle front in the Middle East, my first words went like this: "Whether by proxy or by design, The Israeli leadership have now laid claims that the recent abductions of three of their occupation soldiers by the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance have given them cause to use deadly force upon the sovereign citizens of the countries just mentioned."

This unusual move against these two smaller, weaker states, by one of the most powerful military forces in the world must be seen for what it is; a bloody invasion to wipe out a "certain" group of human beings. The international citizens who lived there have had to be rescued and moved outside of the borders of this war zone. Those who are left have just two things to look forward to; more bombs and the eventual and even bloodier occupation to follow. Don’t fool yourselves…the occupation of another Middle East Muslim country has already begun.

My stomach turns when I hear the pro-Israeli propaganda on the American media calling this another step in the Middle East "peace process". In order to soften the images in our hearts and minds, they call an invasion into Lebanon "the IDF enters Lebanon". In order to push the blame for the indiscriminate murder of hundreds of civilians (about a third which are children) from our psyche, it is a marginal group of resistance fighters who are blamed for "putting civilians in harm’s way".

Do not be swayed into believing that a staged abduction and killing of a few Israeli soldiers is cause enough to obliterate a sovereign nation. As reported yesterday by independent news sources and the San Francisco Chronicle, the invasion of Lebanon was a planned event. As much as a year ago, secret meetings conducted by senior IDF officials were taking place within Israel complete with "Power Point slides on an off-the-record basis, to diplomats, journalists and think tanks, setting out the plan for the current operation in revealing detail. In his talks, the officer described a three-week campaign which involved ground troops being sent in during the third week." (www.democracynow.org; Headlines for July 24, 2006)

It seems that history in the mainstream media has a very short memory…

A year ago, Syria had military forces staged throughout Lebanon (protecting it from Israel of course). In February of 2005 the recently resigned prime minister Rafik Hariri, with dozens of his body guards were turned into a 100 foot crater in front of the St. George Hotel in the now besieged Lebanese capital of Beirut. Israel and the Bush administration wasted no time (and with no proof) to point the finger at Syria (in much the same way Osama Bin-Laden was blamed for 9-11). What better method to push aside Syria than to kill one of the most popular figures in Lebanese history and blame it on the only nation that can pose a threat to an Israeli invasion? With Syria out, there was to be little resistance to Israeli warplanes, super-tanks and hi-tech missiles (with "Made in America" stamped on every ordinance!).

I mention in the title of this piece the word "Racism". Yes folks, this is racism in its ugliest form. Not since the Nazi invasions of WWII have we seen such blatant racism and disdain for another human being on such a scale. Do you think it isn’t about hate and racism? How many degrading terms can you conjure up from the recesses of your mind to describe an Arab? If you can’t think of any then you haven’t been paying attention. Here are a couple…"sand nigger" is one that comes to mind. I heard that one from one of my veteran sailor buddies when we were cruising through the Suez Canal some 20 years ago. "Hajji" is another priceless gem that has been passed along to our boys in uniform from their myopic military superiors while they are being ordered to kill every military age male in Iraq. My favorite one for the last few years is of course "terrorist". Do feel free to fill in the blanks with others you may have heard.

In his second interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, an ex-Israeli pilot relates his private exchange with the Israeli Air Force Commander, General Halutz. The general describes his view on the values of human order of the Palestinian conflict like this: Israeli citizens are on top, then Israeli soldiers, then Palestinians, and Palestinian fighters are on the bottom. This separation of human value is at best racist, and in this current conflict, murder of the worst kind. By placing your "race" above all others, you leave the door wide open to accepted genocide. A true realization that all humans are created equal would never allow such hate and disdain for another brother. This unfounded and unchecked hate gives the murderers little conscience in the damage they do.

What is the solution to the Middle East? There are easy solutions that our racist leaders will surely fail to heed. The best solution is to join the rest of the world in condemning Israel in this purely hateful massacre (albeit another land grab like Gaza and the West Bank). A "peace process" will only be brought to bear WITHOUT weapons. The United States should no longer be in the business of funding Israel in its quest to wipe out the Arab world. You hear me Hillary? People, pull the "Bush" out from between your ears and understand that war will only create more war. Peace is only born of a refusal to kill with state sanctioned terrorism, assassinations and unending violence.

So, do we really want a war that will end civilization as we know it? Then the current war plans are just what our right wing racist apocalyptic governments want. The peace at the end of this road will come because there will be no one left to fight…and then all of the gold in the world won’t be worth sea silt. There will never be a "cease fire" as long as the current governments of Israel and the United States are calling the shots… to so gravely speak.

To follow up this piece with some important research on your own, discover how our military ordinance is forever poisoning our people and our planet. Please follow this link: http://www.cadu.org.uk/

Also go to www.ffipp.org to find out more about "Combatants for Peace", including the organizer and Israeli fighter pilot, Yonatan Shapira who was mentioned in this piece.

Discover the truth about September 11th @ : www.loosechange911.com

See and hear how the towers fell: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3498980438587461603
(Google: "911 Eyewitness")

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