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Israel Is a Failed Colonial Project:
No to U.S.-Israeli War Crimes Against the

The Marxist-Leninist Daily


August 4, 2006 - No. 113

Israel Is a Failed Colonial Project:
No to U.S.-Israeli War Crimes Against the
Lebanese and Palestinian Peoples!


Israel Is a Failed Colonial Project: No to U.S.-Israeli War Crimes Against the Lebanese and Palestinian Peoples!
Actions Condemn Israeli Massacre in Qana
No to Nato or UN Forces in Lebanon! Cease-fire Now! - Canadian Peace Alliance
Declaration by Arabs and Jews in Northern Israel

Israel Is a Failed Colonial Project:
No to U.S.-Israeli War Crimes Against the
Lebanese and Palestinian Peoples!

TML reiterates its condemnation of the Canadian government's support of the crimes Israel is committing against the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples. It calls on members and supporters to mobilize rank-and-file workers and broad sections of the people to bring to power in Canada an anti-war government which upholds the right of all nations to their sovereignty and opposes the use of force to settle conflicts. Such a government must demand the enforcement of the Palestinian people's right to build a modern nation-state that can come to an accommodation with all people living in the Palestinian homeland, free of the constant threat posed by the foreign military base in their midst known as Israel.

Such a government must also hold Israel to account for its violation of more than 70 United Nations resolutions, beginning with Resolution 273 which made Israel's membership to the UN conditional on its implementation of Resolution 181 which defined the borders of partitioned Palestine and Resolution 194 which proclaimed the Palestinian refugees' inalienable right of return. Since 1949, Israel has refused to implement Resolution 273. In other words, Israel is a rogue state and the Canadian government's position in support of Israel is in complete violation of international rule of law.

Now, Israel has launched a seventh war against Lebanon in less than 60 years of the failed Zionist colonial project. Israeli atrocities and massacres of Lebanese civilians are so numerous, it has even repeated a heinous war crime on the same town of Qana that it attacked 10 years ago.

Israel was carved out of the homeland of the Palestinians who were forcibly displaced in an orgy of ethnic cleansing following the Second World War. The right of return by those driven from their homes by this forcible displacement was supposedly recognized by the United Nations. Israel responded to the Palestinians' right of return with a 60-year campaign of extermination and brutal suppression. It has constantly expanded its land holdings by driving out the original inhabitants and replacing them with people of the Jewish faith from all over the world. Millions of Palestinians live as refugees or in refugee camps far from their homeland. Those who remain in Palestine are surrounded by an apartheid wall, hemmed into fractured "Bantustans" on a fraction of their homeland. They are subjected to daily racist humiliation and death at the hands of the Israeli armed forces.

The continuous anti-Arab, anti-Muslim Zionist catastrophes unleashed in West Asia and Northeast Africa could never have taken place without powerful sponsors. Right from the beginning the small colony of mostly European Zionists was a project of the big powers to control the markets and raw materials of West Asia and Northeast Africa and to assert their hegemony over the region.

The Israeli colony evolved from a beachhead mainly of British imperialism into a ferocious military force of U.S. imperialism. Official and unofficial money and war material pouring into Israel from the United States turned the Zionist colony into a quasi-mercenary army base for a section of U.S. imperialism. Israel's so-called citizen army is a permanent standing army with the most advanced weapons of mass destruction supplied mainly by the United States and Britain. In three weeks Israeli air power has reduced much of Lebanon to rubble. A relatively small number of soldiers simply lob bombs into Lebanon and into those small parts of Palestine they do not occupy.

The anti-Arab, anti-Muslim Zionist zealots that control Israel and its military are colonial settlers that refuse to come to any accommodation with the original inhabitants of Palestine. They are a force for nation-wrecking, destruction, war crimes and slaughter. Israel, a failed colonial project, has never developed beyond its role as a destabilizing and pillaging military beachhead of the big powers.

Seven wars with Lebanon are enough! Constant wars with Palestinians are enough! The people of West Asia and Northeast Africa deserve the unity and cooperation of the world's peoples to be free of the failed colonial project known as Israel that has degenerated into nothing but a foreign military base on occupied Palestinian land controlled by anti-Arab, anti-Muslim Zionist zealots.

Down with U.S.-Israeli aggression against Lebanon
and the servile support of the Canadian government!
All out to support Palestinian nation-building!
The failed Israeli colonial project must be
completely isolated and shunned from all international life!
Down with U.S. imperialism and its financing and arming of the
Israeli military beachhead in occupied Palestine!
Down with the support of the Canadian government for the failed Israeli colonial project!

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Actions Condemn Israeli Massacre in Qana

Ottawa - July 31, 2006

Vigils were held across Canada and around the world on July 31 which was designated as a day of mourning by the Lebanese people for the Israeli massacre in Qana that killed 65 people including 34 children.

Some 5,000 people converged on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to condemn Israel's war crimes. Denouncing the perfidy of the Israeli government, one speaker pointed out: "Israel announced a suspension of the bombing for 48 hours. Less than four hours later, Southern Lebanon was again being bombed." Participants marched to the Human Rights Monument where they stayed for more than an hour chanting slogans against U.S.-Israeli state terror and also holding Prime Minister Stephen Harper responsible for what is taking place in Lebanon. Vigils were also held in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg.


Some 500 people rallied in Windsor on August 1 to condemn the Israeli massacre of civilians in Qana and all of Lebanon and the killing of UN Peacekeepers, including Canadian Paeta Hess-von Kruedener.

Women wearing all black marched militantly alongside children and youth of all ages. Many members of the community joined in along the way with homemade placards, flags and water for participants. Others stood on sidewalks encouraging the march with raised fists and applause. Slogans including "Olmert, Olmert what do you say? How many babies/Canadians/UN have you killed today?" "Zionists, Nazis are the same, only difference is the name" and "Resistance is a Right" could be heard throughout the downtown core. The march ended with a rally where members of the community addressed the participants.


McMaster Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights held a Town Hall Forum on the situation in Lebanon and Palestine on July 29 under the theme "What Can the Canadian People Do." It was attended by some 50 people from all walks of life, including workers, youth and many from the Arab Canadian and Muslim communities.

At the front of the room a large banner read "Resistance Is a Right," a theme highlighted by all the speakers. The forum was moderated by a panel of three youth organizers: Julia Williams and Jamile Ghaddar who spoke on behalf of McMaster Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights and Yasmeen Khattab who spoke on behalf of McMaster Muslims for Peace and Justice. Each stressed that Israeli actions in Palestine and Lebanon are war crimes and a threat to peace world wide.

After this brief introduction, the floor was opened and for more than two hours people gave their opinions and spoke about their experiences on the topic. The discussion was passionate, lively and serious. Participants offered a wide range of information, both historical and current, to elucidate the nature of the Israeli aggression as a continuation of a long-standing policy of war against both the Lebanese and Palestinian nations. The forum continued until the venue closed with discussion carrying on outside on the sidewalk.

McMaster SPHR considered the forum one of its greatest achievements. Organizers said the significance of it was that it confronted the political marginalization of the participants. For most of the audience members, it was the first time they were able to express their opinions on a subject of such importance to them with their fellow Canadians. McMaster SPHR said it will be holding other such forums in the near future.


In Vancouver, the denunciation of the Canadian government's support for the U.S. and Israel's crimes against humanity is present daily at the Vancouver Art Gallery, U.S. Consulate or a federal government office. Information and other meetings have also been held. More than 300 people participated in a rally and march on July 29 where speakers outlined the current situation in Lebanon and Palestine, provided background and denounced the Canadian government's attack on the Lebanese and all justice-loving people. They condemned the monopoly media, including CBC, for the dirty role they are playing in mixing up the sequence of events since July 12.

Pickets and rallies have continued every day since July 12. Horns honk in support and people are appreciative of having an opportunity to express their outrage at the U.S.-Israeli attacks, to discuss and work out how the media is confounding what they know to be true and seek ways to put an end to the war crimes and crimes against humanity that Israel, at the behest of the U.S., is committing and the Canadian government is supporting against the will of Canadians.


As part of the growing world wide-opposition, hundreds of Nova Scotians rallied and demonstrated through the streets of Halifax on July 29. They shouted slogans and carried placards reading, "Resist U.S.-Israeli State Terrorism!" "Resistance Is a Right!" "Israel Out of Lebanon, Out of Palestine!" "Free Palestine!" "Free Lebanon!" "U.S. Out of the Middle East!" "Canada Out of the Middle East!" "Hold Harper Responsible for War Crimes!" "From Afghanistan to Palestine, Occupation Is a Crime!" and "No Harbour for War!" Other slogans demanded an immediate ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to be brought into South Lebanon without being target bombed by Israeli air, ground and naval forces.

The rally started and finished at the main Halifax Regional Library on Spring Garden Road. As the demonstrators converged on the library lawn, several elderly ladies militantly and repeatedly led people in Arabic, hailing the resistance movement of the Lebanese people and opposing any conciliation with imperialism. Participants came short and long distances from different parts of the province to raise their voice with all humanity against the war crimes being committed against the peoples of Lebanon and Palestine especially over the past three weeks.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ismail Zayid, president of the Canada Palestine Association, vigorously condemned the invasion and occupation of South Lebanon which he said was part of a long-time strategic plan of Zionism dating back to 1919 to occupy, among other areas, Lebanon up to the Litani River, as well as a central part of U.S. plans to destabilize and control West Asia. However U.S. President George W. Bush's plans for a "Greater Middle East" and the Bush-Blair demagogic talk about "seeking solutions for the root cause" rest on the subjugation and continued dispersal through armed force of the courageous Palestinian people over the past 58 years. Now, all over again, al-Nabka (the catastrophe) of 1948 is being wreaked in South Lebanon by Israeli Zionism and made-in-USA weaponry and shielded by Anglo-American-European "diplomacy," using its instruments of state terror to force its inhabitants to flee, a prelude to ethnic cleansing if the international community continues to remain silent and appease the aggressors.

The Government of Canada, which reputes to uphold international law, has condoned the aggression and war crimes and in the selective morality and double standards of the big power, Dr. Zayid said. They are citing one United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR 1559) as the base of solving the conflict, but arrogantly ignore over 70 UN resolutions which Israel has violated with impunity, especially Resolution 194 (December 11, 1948) proclaiming the inalienable right of return for Palestinian refugees, and Resolution 273 (May 11, 1949) conditionally admitting the state of Israel to the United Nations as a member state in 1949 on the condition that it implements Resolution 181 (defining the borders of partitioned Palestine, which it has never done) and Resolution 194.

The steadfast resistance of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples to state terrorism, occupation and aggression is in the interests of all humanity and why people throughout the world are condemning the U.S.-Israeli war and occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, Dr. Zayid said. The Palestinian and Lebanese resistance enshrines the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and is in accordance with international law, while it is the states of Israel and the United States which hold themselves above international law, and are allowed to act with impunity and commit crimes against humanity.

Dr. Zayid stressed that, among other resolutions, Resolution 2787 passed on December 6, 1971 by the United Nations General Assembly reiterated the position of the UN Charter recognizing the right to resist foreign occupation in the Palestinian and other cases as a fundamental human right. The Lebanese and Palestinian peoples will never surrender that right no matter the cowardly terror, just as the Palestinian people have never and will never surrender their inalienable right of return to their homeland, he said.

Various other initiatives and educational forums are being planned in Halifax and other cities for the coming days and weeks. See the calendar of events for actions in your area.

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No to Nato or UN Forces in Lebanon! Cease-fire Now!

The U.S./UK proposal to send international forces to southern Lebanon, on their conditions, will only escalate this war. Deploying more firepower that is clearly 100% on the side of Israel will not stop this violence but will worsen the conflict. The immediate need is for Israel to stop its attacks.

George Bush said that the international deployment will provide a "different strategic direction for the whole of that region." We have heard this rhetoric before. In the context of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which are based on the U.S. need to maintain dominance in the region, we must conclude that any U.S.-endorsed force will be part of this larger agenda to control the Middle East.

Israel has not been able to rout Hezbollah and the U.S./UK proposal is designed to give more military support but with the illusion of multilateralism. The destruction of Hezbollah and Hamas, two groups that enjoy popular support, is the goal of the Israeli actions in Lebanon and Gaza. In fact, the attacks are part of the same Israeli strategy to crush all opposition to their aim of domination in this region. For the Israeli government, the electoral success of these groups was the last straw. Israel and the U.S. are set on complete destruction of any democratic opposition that is against the rule of the U.S. puppets. The call for a NATO or UN force is merely an attempt to bring international legitimacy to those goals.

The Canadian Government, led by Stephen Harper has given its complete support to the Israeli massacres of the defenseless Lebanese population, and to the U.S./Israeli agenda to ensure that all opposition in Lebanon will be crushed mercilessly. Across the country on August 12, 2006 there will be thousands of people marching to demand that the Harper government exert all its efforts to achieve a cease-fire and an end to the Israeli aggression. The CPA calls on all organizations and individuals to participate in these demonstrations, in order to save innocent lives and move towards a real peace in the Middle East.

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Declaration by Arabs and Jews in Northern Israel

We, residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, Arabs and Jews, do not believe the declarations of the government of Israel and the military.

We, residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, Arabs and Jews, do not believe the government of Israel and the military who maintain that war is being waged in self-defense and for the purpose of releasing the captured soldiers. We do not believe them because it is now common knowledge that the military steps were planned a long time ago. We know that about a month before the Hizballah attack on the army patrol, a military exercise was conducted as a rehearsal for an attack on Lebanon.

Similarly, the kidnapping of the ministers and Parliament members of the Palestinian Authority was planned weeks ahead of the capture of the soldier Gilad Shalit by Hamas.

We do not believe the government of Israel and the generals because there is a huge gap between the declared aims of the war and Israel's actual military operations. What is the connection between the declared aims of this war and the destruction of Beirut? How are the declared aims of the war served by the demolition of a baby-food plant? Or by the destruction of the city of Nabatiyeh? Or the bombardment of Gaza's power station? Or the destruction of the civilian infrastructure in Lebanon and Gaza? Or turning over half a million Lebanese civilians into refugees?

We cannot believe them because one cannot allegedly protect a civilian population by a cruel and deliberate attack on another civilian population.

We refuse to allow the government of Israel and the generals to use our names, the residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, in destroying a whole neighboring state, Lebanon. This cruel and brainless act will not carry our name! This is not the way to defend the population of the Galilee and the Valleys. We have already learned from earlier Lebanon wars that the aggressive approach that leads to war crimes and crimes against humanity, to the total destruction of a state, also leads to the destruction of any prospects for peace and calming. The present tragic situation is a product of a similar policy conducted in Lebanon by Ariel Sharon in 1982. Each military step taken by the IDF ends up hurting the civilian populations on both sides, though first and foremost inflicting an intolerable price on civilians on the Lebanese side.

We do not believe the government of Israel and the generals because we are convinced that this war mainly serves the interests of the American policy in the Middle East.

The government of Lebanon has requested a ceasefire. Hizballah has agreed to a ceasefire. The European Community has requested a ceasefire. Only the government of Israel has refused to consider a ceasefire.

The Bush administration is encouraging the government of Israel not to stop the military action.

We, residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, along with all the peoples of the region, are victims of the plans for the reshaping of the Middle East, victims of a desire to establish a new order in the Middle East that does not serve the interests of its peoples. The American army did not bring peace to Iraq.

The Israeli army will not bring peace to Lebanon. The American army will not establish a democracy in Iraq, the Israeli army will not bring democracy in Lebanon.

The American policies have brought chaos and destruction upon Iraq. The implementation of similar policies in Lebanon by the Israeli army will only bring more chaos and destruction.

We refuse to allow our name to be used in bringing disaster to another civilian population. Even if the government of Israel and the generals could convince us that their policy is the quick road to ridding the northern border of the threat posed by Hizballah, we would not have accepted this policy on moral grounds. We refuse to accept a policy that justifies deliberately harming any civilian population, whether it targets civilians in Gaza, in Lebanon, as well as in the Galilee!

We believe that there is an alternative to this aggressive policy, a policy predicated upon the violation of the Geneva Conventions. We demand that the government of Israel declare an immediate ceasefire. Every moment of fighting generates more victims. We are convinced that an Israeli ceasefire will lead to a ceasefire on all other fronts.

We demand that the ceasefire be used for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and for the negotiated release of prisoners-of-war -- Israeli, Lebanese and Palestinian. The question of political prisoners and prisoners-of-war is now the central issue. Only such a move of an immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and negotiations regarding exchange of prisoners-of-war can offer the region a way out of the threat of a comprehensive war, bringing the peace and calming that all the peoples of the region all crave.


Residents of the Galilee and the Valleys, Arabs and Jews, against the war
Rafik Bakri (Ba'aneh)
Uri Davis Dr. (Sakhnin)
Bilha Golan (Beit Shearim)
Rémy Mendelwzeig (Manof - Misgav)
Nakad Nakad (Sheferamer)
Nasrin Murkus (Nazereth)
Majed Balaan (Nazereth)

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Calendar of Events

No to U.S.-Israeli War Crimes Against the
Lebanese and Palestinian Peoples!



PAJU Vigil at Israeli Consulate
Friday, August 4 -- 12:00 noon
Corner of Peel and Rene-Levesque

Buses to Corwall Action at Conservative Caucus Meeting
Friday,  August 4 -- 6:30 am
Gather 6:30 am at 3300 Crémazie (St. Michel metro). Bus and car convoy leave at 7:00 am sharp, return to Montreal around 1:00 pm. To register your car or reserve a seat on the bus, call 514-222-0205 or 514-586-4415. Suggested donation to help us cover costs: $8.

Directions to Nav Canada from Montreal
Take the 20 (which in Ontario becomes the 401) west to exit 796, Boundary Road, Cornwall. Go south on Boundary road to the end of the road (it ends at the St. Lawrence river), and turn west (right). Nav Canada is on the north (right) side of the road, 1.3. km from Boundary Road.

Sunday, August 6 -- 1:00 pm
Parc Lafontaine (corner of De La Roche and Rachel)

Neighbourhood Council Meeting for Mr. Ali Al Akhrass
Monday, August 7 -- 7:00 pm
Cummings Building, 5151 Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Gather for a moment of silence for Montrealer Mr. Ali Al Akhrass who was killed as a result of Israeli bombing in Lebanon and to demand that Mayor Tremblay withdraw support for Israel



Protest at Conservative Caucus Meeting: Ceasefire Now!
Friday, August 4 -- 9:00 noon
Nav Canada, 1950 Montreal Rd
For information: Tadamon! (514) 222-0205 / http://tadamon.resist.ca

Less than a week after the worst massacre yet in Israel's bloody attack on Lebanon -- the killing of 65 civilians in Qana on Sunday -- the Conservative party is holding a caucus meeting in Cornwall, Ontario. As increasing numbers are killed (latest estimates of up to 750 killed, 1,800 wounded, up to 800,000 displaced in Lebanon alone) and the infrastructure of Lebanon and Gaza is destroyed, the leadership of the Conservative party continues to defend and justify Israel's actions; outrageously, they have refused even to withdraw their position that Israel's response is "measured." The meeting in Cornwall, which will bring together all elected Conservative MPs, is an excellent opportunity to convey demands for a just peace directly to the leaders as well as the rank and file of the party.

Members of the Lebanese and Palestinian communities and other individuals appalled by the violent aggression and lawlessness of Israel and Canadian government support for the war crimes will travel to the meeting, from Cornwall, Gatineau, Montreal and Ottawa to bring the demand for an immediate end to Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Gaza, Canadian denunciation of the war crimes, and for Canada to provide aid proportionate to need in Lebanon and Gaza.


Weekly Vigil
Every Wednesday -- 3:30-5:00 pm
Main entrance to Jackson Square Mall (corner of King & James)

Saturday, August 12 -- 12:00 noon
Main entrance to Jackson Square Mall (corner of King & James)


Buses to Corwall Action at Conservative Caucus Meeting
Friday,  August 4 -- 7:50 am
Ottawa Mosque, 251 Northwestern (at Scott)


Silent Vigil
Friday, August 4 -- 5:00-7:00 pm
Israeli Consulate
180 Bloor St West

Fundraiser in Solidarity with Palestinian Political Prisoners
Friday, August 11 -- 6:00 pm
Steelworkers' Hall
33 Cecil St (near College and Spadina)
Featuring dinner, music, spoken word performances
Tickets: $10 in advance / $20 at the door
Proceeds go to support the work of political prisoner advocacy organizations in Palestine and towards Lebanon emergency relief operations
For information: http://sumoud.tao.ca or sumoud@tao.ca

Rally and March
Saturday, August 12 -- 1:00 pm
Israeli Consulate, 180 Bloor St West
March to U.S. Consulate, 360 University Ave


Candlelight Vigil for Victims of the Qana Massacre
Friday, August 4 -- 8:30 pm
Corner of Wyandotte and Goyeau

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemoration
Sunday, August 6 -- 7:00 pm
Walk from Charles Clark Square west along the riverfront.
End in Dieppe Park for a ceremony by the pond and a few speeches at dusk.



Daily Vigils
5:00-5:30 pm
Corner of River and Osborne



Children's March for Peace
Friday, August 4 -- 8:00 pm
Sir Winston Churchill Square



Saturday, August 5 -- 4:00 pm
Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson side)

Rally and March
Saturday, August 12 -- 12:30-1:30 pm
Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson side)


National Emergency March on Washington
Saturday, August 12 -- 12:00 noon
White House
For information: http://www.internationalanswer.org/

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