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Abu Jahl ( Mr. Ignorant!)
Or the (Saudi) baboon who wanted to handle the magic lantern!

Nazar al Qabbani, Al Moharer

August 11, 2006

Before his death the great Arab poet Nazar al Qabbani, wrote a poem entitled Mr.Ignorant making ridicule of the Saudi Eunuch's who wanted to influence the Media and bought al Sharq al Awsat Newspaper, in London Fleet Street.

The Saudi servile eunuchs, the traitors of Mecca and Medina, the plotters and the lackeys of their Zionist masters, those who sold Palestine to the Zionist gangsters sixty years ago, the Saudis whores who helped destroy Iraq the cradle of Civilization, the beating heart of Arabity and Islam, thanks to their bloodthirsty US masters, these backward Saudi did everything, through petrodollars, bribes and threats to prevent publish or distribute this beautiful poem.

Here is the integral text of the poem,
Translated by Abu Assur - Al Moharer

Mr. Ignorant buys Fleet Street!
Or The baboon who wanted to handle the magic lantern!

Have, from London
The good old double deck buses disappeared ?
Have been replaced by the she camels brought from Yathrib*
As a new mounting means,
In the city of the fog!
The Bedouins sneaked
To Buckingham's Palace
And laid down in her Majesty's bed!
Pommies forgot and wrapped their history
Got used and stood imitating these, lamenting on the ruins of old glories

See them! Banu Taghlub.*
In Soho!
At Victoria!
Pulling down, holding up their djellabas!
Here they are, shaking their butts to the Jazz' sounds !
Ha! England is waking up
To the camel riders Bedouins' blabbering
And to hear their flip flopping filthy shoes ..
Has England started to walk
On the streets like these useless twits
With Ugals* and clogs!
And started, Goodness Gracious!
To write upside down, from right to left!
And Antara*
All day long is looking for Rumia*
A white woman, delicious like a honey comb,
Hairless are her legs,
Beautiful, she is, as the new moon!
He will devour, as a boiled egg in one gobble
In no time!
With no salt!
And hurries, hurries to slide down his pants.
They left us nothing in the parks!
No birds, no flowers, no plants,
Goats were on rampage in amongst the flowers beds!

Blackbirds left and petrified were the morning warblers !
And they let flies triumph.
Here are Banu A'bss*
On the tube's entrances
Hoarding, carrying cans of frozen beer!
Gnawing a piece from every female's breast!
By God almighty!
What happened to our great writers and authors !
Have they all been sold into the Royal slave markets!
Has England become the Caliphate Capital city?
Has the petrol been enthroned king
In the City of the Media?
Await clients like
Mere whores..
Newspapers which came to London
To taste the taste of freedom..
Have turned, praised be the petrol,
Into courtesans!

We came to Europe
To drink from the culture fountains.
We came..looking for a opening to breathe!
For they have shut in our faces every door and sealed us in an oyster' shell!
We came to write our freedoms
For they didn't allow us to express ourselves on our bodies proper.
And now they owned Newspapers,
And changed our poems into boring commercial reports.
We came to Europe
To breathe!
We came..
To discover what the colors of the skies looked like!
We run away
From oppression, from the depression rods
From an unending wars of Dahess wal Ghabraa'*

But we were never allowed to contemplate a beautiful rose!
We never ever saw a white dove!
The void desert stayed in our souls
The desert quit us, never ..
From every where, attacked were we by grasshoppers
They devoured the poems we wrote!
Drunk our ink..
From everywhere... like an incurable disease, eating up our history
Harvesting our bodies and our souls!
From everywhere.. They attacked us with their petrol
Killing every pure bred Arab mare!
Here is a tamed writer!
There is a hired author!
That one is being sold in the auction market..
Has the oil in our land become sacred
Has the oil in our history turned into a critic?
For the almighty prince in his highest, every praise is adorned !
False praise abounds!
Opportunists crawl on their face
And kiss the honorable djellaba!
Is this journalism..
Or rather a cashier desk!

For them every word is anathema!
Every book is heresy!
How on earth can they understand what we ever write!
How can a baboon decipher and comprehend what we ask !
Who wants to win
The Chief editor post,
Must! should kiss the prince's knee
Shall, to let the prince mount, have to walk on all four!
The ruler in our land, asks never
For an intelligent, for a creator,
A mercenary will do the job!
His highness, may the Lord bless him! donates to the journalists- mercenaries
A load of sealed envelopes!
And then
Unleashed are barking dogs, outrageous insults and beautifully wrapped calumnies!
The leftists in our land?
They have repudiated (Lenin)
They elected camels, to ride!
We run to Europe
To enjoy the freedom of expression,
To dust our dusty bodies,
To plant trees in the conscience' gardens!
And we turned in the days, into cooks!
In the palaces of Alexander the great!
All the birds which tore the skies blue mantel
In Beyrouth!
Filling the cedar trees, the plateaus and the plains..
All these joyous birds, burned was their pride by the petrol, and so their magnificent feathers!
Our throats.. where are they.. ?
Sighing, agonizing, and dying on London cafÚs' terraces..
They will suck every writer's blood until the end!
Use him like a shoe lace!
And when they deplete his ink..and plunder his thought,
They throw him away like a corpse in the street,
Like a chaff in the wind!
This one has a daily article,
The other has a column..
There is no difference between them except the way they kneel or they crawl!
In front of the prince!
Never! You dare!
To be safe? Your voice you shall never rise!
Never! You dare discuss with a revolver !
Don't look up the prince! You will be safe !
Be colorless,
Be tasteless!
Be insipid and odorless!
Have no opinion!
Have no great cause!
Don't discuss! You are safe!
Write about the weather!
Write about (pregnancy) pills, if you wish, you are safe!
These are the rules in the animals' farm.
You see! How can we write in these whores' times..
While blinded we are with their highness' desert' sands. and burnt we are by their flaming copper sun!
When the writer they don't like is slaughtered like a cow!

Your highness, oh my prince, may the Lord give you long life !
You who buys women by the pounds!
You who buys pens and consciences by the pounds!
We are not asking you any favor!
Continue as you like, to screw your courtesans!
Continue as you wish to slaughter your sheep in the fold.
Encircle the (Arab) nation with the fire, with the iron!
No one! No one wants to usurp your cushy royal seat!
No one is interested in your Caliphate soutane..
Go ahead! Get drunk with your petrol..to the last drop!
Take everything you want!

But please leave us the culture you never had...

Yathrib*: Is the name of Medina situated in al Hidjazi
Banu Taghlub.* : An Arab well known tribe
Antara* : 'Antara Ibn Shaddād al-'Absi is a great Arab hero and poet from the pre Islamic period. He is famous for his pride and his passionate love for his dulcinee A'bla

Rumia* : - a Byzantine love, replacing Abla
Ugals* : Saudis' head scarves made out of ropes.. Initially it was a camel knee knot.
Banu A'bss* : an Arab tribe
Dahess wal Ghabraa'* : An unending war between two Arab tribes which has become a proverb of long lasting animosity.

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