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Syria News - February 27, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


BABA AMR: Some of the bodies of the 64 martyrs of Baba Amr

February 27, 2012


Homs: Khaldiyeh: Massacre of the Darwish family: 4 females, the father and the son

Homs: Khaldiyeh: Massacre of the Darwish family: Father's Body Mutilated - 2-27-12 Al Khalidiya

Homs Al khalediyeh: Massacre of the Darwish family: Horrific Injuries on Child Massacred by Assad Army Forces

Homs Hamidieh: activist Omar Tila buries the foot of a martyr in the garden of a school because they can not use cemeteries.

(02-27-12) Bab Sba'a | Homs | Assad Forces Use RPG, Family Screams for Help, Snipers Shoot

Homs: Bab Sbaa: Injury of a 4 year old child while he was with his father with the bullet of a sniper fired by security forces

Homs: Khalikyah neighbourhood: Martyr Mus'ab Abdul Mu'ti Al-Dwairi

Homs: Baba Amr: A young man was martyred by rocket's shrapnel

Homs: Baba Amro: the Selling continues for the 24th Day in row


BAB SBA'A: HOMS Regime forces firing RPGs on homes today.... and a narrow escape for Abu Jafar and the videographer......

Homs: Signs of destruction in the Anwar Mosque in Baba Amr neighborhood due to the continuous shelling by the regime's forces at the neighborhood

Homs: Result of bombardment of Hamidiyah neighbourhood

(02-27-12) Rastan | Homs | Assad Forces Target and Shell Homes

RASTAN HOMS: the effects of bombing and mass destruction today


Syria, Idlib, martyrs were killed by Assad's shelling on the houses in Sarmeen village Feb 27, 2012

(02-27-12) Sirmeen | Idlib | Martyr Ghassan Aboud Retrieved from Under Rubble from Assad Shelling

the martyr Khaled Sabagh from Sarmeen

the martyr Arif Haji Ali from Sarmeen

Idleb, Sarmine, 27-02-2012: martyr Abd Alrahman Bachbache slaughtered by al-Assad's thugs

Syria, Idlib, Marty woman Nawal Abd AlAzeez martyred as a result of Assad's shelling .. Feb 27, 2012

#Idlib #Syria | Unknown martyrs are who were murdered by #Assad forces

SERMIN: IDLEB: Effects of the regime bombardment and tank shelling on Sermin today.

Idlib: Maarat Al-Numan: Signs of violent shelling from the regime's armored vehicles at the civilians' homes and cars

KAFR AOUAD: IDLEB: has also been attacked by the Assad's thugs today... with property and Qurans destroyed


Anadan, #Aleppo: Some of the killed and wounded by the regime shelling on the town. [27 Feb 2012]

Syria, Aleppo, Anadan, Martyr Omer Katoori martyred as a result of Assad's shelling .. Feb 27, 2012

Doctor Killed by Assad Helicopter Gunship - Izaz 2-27-12 Omar Maher Damok

Aleppo: Endan: An Operation for An Injured Man Amid Electricity Blackout

(02-27-12) Anadan | Aleppo | Assad Planes Shoot at People

Izzaz, #Aleppo: Security forces targeting a mosque [27 Feb 2012]


Irbeen, #RifDimashq, #Damascus: Wael Al-Asbah was killed when he came under fire from a regime checkpoint on the outskirts of the suburb. [27 Feb 2012]

Leaked Video:Al-Assad is cannonading Al-Zabadani city in Damascus countryside


Heavy shelling on Halfaya by the regime's tanks


Daraa: Effects of indiscriminate shelling on the town of Basr Harir

Daraa: Nawa: A campaign of Raids and Arrests

The constitutional referendum

(02-26-12) | (ENGLISH SUBTITLES) Syrian regime's Duniya TV Reporter on Reaction to Referendum

(ENGLISH SUBTITLES) Syrian State TV: A pro-Assad woman is caught on camera admitting to illegally voting on behalf of absent family members. Reporters try to silence her (0:22-0:33) and shift the camera's attention away from her to another man who obviously has nothing to say.

Today, Monday, ended with 144 martyrs including 64 in Baba Amr neighborhood who were slaughtered in Abel area in Homs, a family of six, 4 defected recruits, 4 women and 5 children. In Homs city alone 104 martyrs, 11 in Aleppo suburbs, 17 in Idlib suburbs, 4 in Hama suburbs, 4 in Damascus suburbs and one martyr in each of Damascus, Hasaka and Raqqa.

Aleppo: Ezaz: The young man Maher Omar Demok was martyred as a result of injuries he sustained after being shot in the head earlier.

Homs: Another massacre added to the series of massacres by the regime's thugs (Shabeha), an entire family from Al-Darwish was murdered in Khaldiyeh neighborhood including father, mother, son and three daughters. They didn't just slaughter them but they mutilated their corpses as well.

Idlib: Taftanaz: The regime's army that is stationed at the Airport checkpoint intensely shelled the town with heavy weaponry.

Damascus Suburbs: Hatita Turkman: Regime forces arrested 91 year old Sheikh Mohiuddin Hajirati after storming and burning his home last Sunday and arresting one of his sons, 2 of his grandchildren, one of whom was shot at. All of this was done to put pressure on his son Omar who is an activist.

Aleppo: Ezaz: Ali and Mohammad Haj Saeed were martyred as a result of helicopter shelling in the city by the regime's army.

Damascus Suburbs: Very intense gunfire from the military and security checkpoints in Misraba on neighboring buildings, as the military is increasing its presence in the area while electricity is entirely cut off.

Daraa: Hara: A military helicopter lands at the foot of Hara Mountain. Sounds of violent explosions are heard from western direction. The regime's army uses flood lights as it searches the outskirts of the town.

Daraa: Nawa: The regime's army is shelling the town and sounds of explosions are heard in it.

Daraa: Warplanes have been flying above the town of Jassem and Inkhel and Nemer at low altitudes for the past hour. Sounds of heavy explosions are being heard coming from the direction of Qaytara.

Daraa: Mleiha Sharqiya: Intense gunfire and violent explosions were heard from the brigade that is stationed in the east of the town. Armored vehicles roam the plains of the region now in what is believed by residents to be the result of defections within the brigade.

Hama: Halfaya: Renewal of intense shelling by regime forces on the city and burning of houses due to missiles falling on them.

Raqqa: The political activist Khalaf Al-Mohammad (Al-Jarboo) was kidnapped from the street today and taken to an unknown destination, Khalaf has been detained several times before in the past.

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Several people were injured after security forces opened fire on mourners at the funeral of martyr Yaser Al-Nadaf at the main square checkpoint. Security forces stipulated that the family could host the funeral at 9pm (one hour after they received the body) without chants or calls of Takbir (God is the Greatest), otherwise they would take revenge from the martyr's siblings. The funeral began at Radwan mosque with the participation of thousands, all who adhered to the family's requests, this however did not stop security forces from opening fire on them.

Idlib: Violent clashes in the vicinity of the Department of Agriculture building in Thawra (Revolution) street between the regime's army and the Free Syrian Army as the city witnesses intense gunfire now.

Damascus Suburbs: Mleiha: Security forces stationed at a security checkpoint detain Ismail Mahmoud Jazaerli, Abo Ramiz, after brutally beating him in the street.

Damascus Suburbs: Renewed gunfire in Misraba and snipers are stationed on top of Hamza Bin Abdelmutalib mosque, near the Municipal building, targetting pedestrians.

Deir Ezzor: Renewed clashes in the Dahaya region between the regime's army and the Free Syrian Army and the city is experiencing intense gunfire now.

Daraa:Sounds of explosions and heavy gunfire now in Daraa Almahata- Tarif Al Sadd. Five snipers are stationed on Alabrar tower and they are shooting at anything that moves in front of them.

Daraa: Domain: Intense gunfire near Qayta'a checkpoint and inside the town. The authorities cut the internet off the town entirely.

Hama: Salamyeh: Revolution's Youth raise the Syrian flag of independence after midnight yesterday over the building of the government Saraya in the public arena, resulting in a security alert this morning.

Homs: Qosair: A military vehicle of the regime's army is opening random fire near the northern entrance to the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: A massive evening demonstration set out near the Grand Mosque in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities despite the security forces deployment and a camping of raids and arrests that is being conducted in the city.

Idlib: The number of martyrs who were killed today due to shelling several areas in the province by regime's army has reached 17 martyrs, including 10 in the town of Sermin alone after they were joined by Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Maari, Khalid Mohammed Sabbagh, Ghassan Ahmed Bakri Aboud, Mazen Modrek, Mustafa Fadhil, Mohammed Bishbish, Arif Haji Ali, Nawal Abdul-Aziz, Omar Mahmoud Aslan, and Ahmed Mohammed Dib Ghazal, noting that the bombing is still going on even now.

Damascus: An evening demonstration started from the neighborhood of Mazzeh to support Kafar Sousa. The demonstrators chanted for martyrs and demanded the freedom for the detainees.

Damascus: An evening demonstration started from the neighborhood of Qabir Atika to support Kafar Sousa, Homs and other disaster-stricken cities and chanted for the toppling of the regime.

Deir Ezzor: Qourieh: Regime forces open live fire on peaceful protesters in the city.

Aleppo Suburbs: The number of martyrs for today has reached 11 martyrs as a result of the continuous shelling by regime's army on several areas of the suburb. Helicopters are being used to bomb some of the areas.

Aleppo: Andan: Mr. Adnan Abu Ghafour was martyred due to the shelling by the security forces in the city.

Homs: Tadmur: Security forces shoot live ammunition heavily at the funeral of martyr Asad Jama'an and surround the cemetery with several security cars to arrest the participants in the funeral.

Aleppo: Aazaz: Alaa Shawki Al-Shash was martyred by helicopter bombing in the city.

Hasakeh: Shdadi: Security forces launched a raid and randomly detained civilians in the town including Ibrahim Daberbaj.

Homs: The regime's forces and thugs committed a horrifying massacre at a security checkpoint in Abel area where 64 martyrs fell. The martyrs were families trying to flee from the shelling at Baba Amr neighborhood. Reports said security members and thugs kidnapped the women among them. The residents found 47 corpses in an area between Ghajar and Tanota and another 17 corpses were found to the north of the Sad Shandakhiyeh. Later on, the Red Crescent Society delivered the corpses to the National Hospital in Homs.

Deir Ezzor: Regime forces dispersed protesters in the mountain area by force.

Damascus: An evening demonstration started along Khaled Bin Al-Walid Street near the Abdel Rahman Bin Awaf Mosque. Protesters in solidarity with Kafar Souseh and Baba Amr.

Aleppo: A demonstration in the Karam Al-Jabal district started a short time ago in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the fall of the regime.

Daraa: Jassem: Intense shooting from all the checkpoints in the city.

Homs: Tadmor: Heavy gunfire from machine guns is reported in the western Jamaa area.

Qamishly: A demonstration just strated in Qaddor Bey neighborhood; protesters are chanting in loyalty with Daraa's children and calling for toppling the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Irbeen: Wael Al-Asbah was martyred a short time ago due to security forces' gunfire at one of the checkpoints.

Hasaka: A massive demonstration just started in Ghoweran neighborhood in loyalty with Daraa's children and calling for toppling the regime.

Idlib: Sarmen: Eight martyrs have fallen, one of them is known: Ahmad Bakry, and more than 15 homes were destroyed on top of their residents heads. Somke columns are rising in the sky due to the regime's forces shelling amid land and cellular communications blackouts. The number of martyrs will probably increases due to hardship of reaching the destroyed homes.

Homs: Palmyra: Red Crescent rescuer Assad Al-Jamaan was martyred under torture by elements in a Military Security Branch and his corpse was not delivered to his relatives until now.

Daraa: Harra: Two evening demonstrations in the city despite the security siege in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities. Intermittent gunfire from the checkpoint near Mosa'ab Bin Omair Mosque to disperse the protesters.

Aleppo: Tal Rifaat: Ala'a Al-Omar was martyred as a result of the aerial shelling by the regime's forces at the city.

Deir Ezzor: A demonstration finished now in Jora neighborhood; protesters chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and called for the regime's prosecution.

Aleppo: Izaz: Mohammad Makki was martyred as a result of the aerial shelling by security forces at the city.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Extensive security and thugs (Shabeha) deployment in Thawra and Tishreen streets as well as the Liberty Square amid an arbitary detention campaign.

Aleppo: A massive evening demonstration in Salah Eddein neighborhood; protesters chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and toppling the regime.

Hama: Kafar Al-Ton: The regime's forces executed four young men by shooting them. They are: Ahmad Mernazy, Mohammad Awad Khalid, Hussam Mohammad Khalid and Abdul Fattah Al-Khitabi.

Aleppo: Hreitan: Subhi Rustum has martyred after he was shot in the head by security forces.

Banyas: Security forces storm the house of Huzaifa Al-Shughri in the Qurair area and destroy everything in the house while security forces heavily present around the house.

Banyas: Regime's forces surround Qurair area and start raiding the houses searching for activists.

Hama: Sqelbiyeh: Mechanical engineer Manal Al-Abdullah, christian and founder of the Civlian Peace Committee in Al-Ghab area, was arrested under the accusation that he motivates others to protest. The residents of Sqelbiyeh performed a sit-in at the Police Headquarter and called for his release and all the other detainees.

Aleppo: Andan: Mohammad Alrij was martyred by security forces bullets in the town.

Aleppo: Izaaz: Martyrdom of Tariq Haffar in the intense shelling of the town.

Damascus: Midan: Martyrdom of soldier Muhammad Khalil Qutaifani (19 year-old) in Deir Ezzor after he refused the orders to shoot at protestors.

Aleppo: Tal Rafaat: Heavy shelling on the town now by the regime army.

Aleppo: A violent attack by the regime's army on the towns of Heritan, Andan and Tal Refaat along with many successive explosions in Izaz that is being shelled.

Damascus Suburbs: Misraba: Heavy gunfire from all the barricades targetting a building near the main road; and re-distribution of the army in the town which started raiding the nearby buildings.

Aleppo: Adnan: Helicopters are hovering above the town and firing at the area. Kafarhamra Road has been blocked by the regime's tanks.

Homs: Rastan: Regime's forces resumed the shelling of the town as the body of martyr Abdulrahman Farzat has arrived from Damascus to the town, 1 month after he was detained.

Hama: Webada Farm Town: security forces and army are raiding the farm positioned west of Taibet Imam. Three artillery shells were fired at residential houses, and a mass displacement of the area's residents to Taibet Imam and the neighboring villages.

Jableh: A students demonstration started from Al-Shohadaa School, and security forces are surrounding the area.

Aleppo: Anandan: Martyrdom of Omar Katouri who was shot at by security forces in the town.

Damascus: Naher Ayshe: The National highway from Damascus-Daraa has been blocked by the Revolution's youth despite the heavy security siege.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Jaafar Mahmoud Marbalati, 29 years, was martyred by security forces.

Homs: Random gunfire in the neighborhood of Asheera and news of the fall of injuries.

Homs: Several RPG shells on the neighborhood of Mreijeh in Bab Sbaa and reports about the fall of wounded.

University of Aleppo: Indiscriminate gunfire by security forces and shabiha in the university campus after a several demonstrations had taken place today.

Damascus Suburbs: Mo'adamya: Security forces and shabiha shoot live ammunition at a demonstration by female school students.

Homs: Farabi barricade is shooting RPG rockets at a civilian car.

Hama: Khatab: Security and army forces storm the town and conduct a campaign of raids and stealing of contents of houses and burning some of them. In addition to arbitrary arrests and among the detainees are Dr.Omar Khalid Alshaqee, Taha Rakan Alfannan, Anas Taha Alfannan and Anas Rakan Alfannan.

Damascus: Tadamon: The neighborhood was raided by security forces and thugs (Shabeha) amid intense shooting.

Homs: The young man Amer Khattab was martyred in security forces' shelling at Ashera neighborhood.

Homs: Firing several rounds of RPG from Khansaa barrier on the neighborhood of Karm Alzaitoun.

Lattakia: A demonstration for Al Baath School students in the neighborhood of Owaina chanting for freedom.

Aleppo: Northern Suburbs: Violent clashes at Hreitan-Andan junction between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army.

Homs: Qosair: Storming the city with tanks from the Eastern side amid heavy firing and mortar shelling and firing from the National Hospital and the municipal building and all the checkpoints towards houses.

Idlib: Saraqeb: Random shelling with heavy artillery on the city now.

Homs: Seven people were martyred from shelling by regime forces in Baba Amr neighborhood, including a child, they are: Abdul Rahman Khaled Al-Qasim, Ahmad Rabee Al-Khalid, Khalid Mohammad, Somaya Al-Naasan, child Mohammad Qora Ali, and an unidentified seventh person.

Damascus Suburbs: Kafar Batana: Security forces carry out a raid-and arrest campaign, and beating passer-bys near at the checkpoint near the secondary school.

Aleppo University: At least 14 students were arrested during the demonstration, and security forces and Shabiha fill the university's square, the Faculties of Science, Dentistry, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and IT.

Deir Ezzor: Tiyaneh: Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces in the town.

Idlib: Maaret Noman: Akram Khashan, 50, was martyred, and 4 others were injured when a shell went down near the farmer's market.

Aleppo University: Two students were arrested in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering by heavily armed Shabiha.

Lattakia: Haffeh: A students demonstration started in front of Wadee Taleb with the participation of students from several schools, demonstrators condemned the new constitution and chanted for the disaster-stricken cities.

Damascus: Kafarsouseh: Security forces are shooting and launching tear gas grenades on the mourners.

Homs: Explosions shake the neighborhoods of Hamidieh, Bostan Al-Dewan, and the city center.

Idlib: Saraqeb: Residents are fleeing from the western and northern neighborhoods towards the center of the city due to the danger in their areas. 5 persons have been arrested: Ahmad Mahmoud Hassoun, Mohammad Mahmoud Hassoun, Manhal Mohammad Hassoun, Basel Ali, and Qassem Abdulkhaleq Mohammad.

Damascus: Kafar Souseh: Security forces open fire with live ammo to disperse the mourners of the funeral.

Hasakeh: Ramilan: A sit-in of students of the petroleum engineering college denouncing the arrest of the student Hussam Zarou by the regime's forces

Hasakeh: A demonstration in the Ghoul area chanting for freedom and the toppling of the regime.

Damascus: Kafar Souseh: The funeral procession of yesterday's martyrs has started and arrived to Kafar Souseh Square to pray for the martyrs.

Aleppo University: A huge demonstration set out from the Faculty of Civil Engineering chanting for the disaster-stricken cities and the toppling of the regime.

Aleppo University: A massive demonstration started in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The students raise the independence flag and chant for the disaster-stricken cities and demand the regime's ouster.

Damascus Suburbs: Moadamieh: Live gunfire onto students after they set out for demonstration after leaving their schools.

Banyas: Security forces are combing through the agricultural fields of Bayda in a huge campaign and are conducting random arrests and confiscating the motorcycles.

Aleppo University: Security forces and State Security forces storm the Faculty of Sciences and abuse students after a massive demonstration in the faculty calling for the toppling of the regime.

Aleppo University: Students of the Faculty of Dentistry destroy a statue of Hafez al-Assad. Two students were arrested near the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Raqqa: Al-Jirn: Martyrdom of soldier Khalil Yaseen Al-Haj Saleh in Idlib countryside.

Damascus: Zamalka: The 16-year-old boy Yasser Abdul Malek Naddaf was martyred. Yesterday he was hit by random gunfire, then security forces abducted and executed him.

Daraa: Tafas: Extensive millitary deployment in the town. Tanks and armored vehicles are roaming the streets especially in the Western neighborhood before the start of the procession ceremony to martyr Mohammad Eissa Al-Rabdawi.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Two young men, Khaled Al-Akhen and Ramez Ghanam, were martyred after a missile from the regime's army hit their car. The army was stationed at the town airport in the region of Talhiya.

Aleppo University: A demonstration began at Faculty of Dentistry calling for the regime's ouster and the prosecution of the president as the Faculty of Mechanics stages stages a student sit-in in condemnation of the regime's crimes.

Aleppo: Kafar Noran: A morning demonstration in the town in response to the shelling at Idlib city and its suburbs; protesters chanted for freedom and toppling the regime.

Aleppo: Izaz: A morning demonstration started from the Souq area despite the army deployment in the city.

Homs: Baba Amr: Violent shelling with all types of heavy weaponry, missiles and tanks reducing many houses to rubble.

Deir Ezzor: The recruit Wael Rifaat, from the town of Nawa in Daraa, was martyred in Deir Ezzor.

Damascus: Today the funeral of the 6 Kafr Souseh martyrs will be held after Duhr (Noon) prayers at Khuzeima Bin Thabit Al-Ansari Mosque, the martyrs fell yesterday when security forces opened fire on a massive evening demonstration in the neighborhood. Among those martyred is a child and a young Palestinian man. The martyrs are: Khaled Abdelaziz, Alaa Jabroush, Mohammad Jabroush, Ahmad Omar from Palestine, Mohammad Kanaan, and Mohammad Mahmoud Manawi.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Abdelraouf Ghannam was martyred as a result of wounds she sustained as security forces opened fire on him about four months ago.

Daraa: Sanmeen: Security forces launched a wide campaign of raids and arrests in the town in search of defectors and activists, as they storm the city with buses of security forces and thugs this morning.

Daraa: Herak: Gunfire in the middle of the town from the police station and reports of clashes with the regime's army who are stationed at the Police checkpoint.

Idlib: Sermeen: Over 15 shells fell on the town and over 50 tanks storm it now as the shelling of the town continues.

Daraa: Kherbet Ghazale: Residents of the city take part in complete civil disobedience for the second consecutive day in solidarity with the besieged cities and in protest against the referendum on the constitution. Shoppes, government departments, schools and all roads and entrances are closed; Public and private transportation are not running. The only places not participating in the strike are health facilities and pharmacies.

Hama: Khattab: The regime's army storms the town amid intense gunfire after surrounding the town. They are waging a campaign of searches in the cities in that lie in its vicinity in search of defected soldiers.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Two tanks were stationed in front of the Municipal building and gunfire in the market amid an intensive raids campaign waged by securrity forces in Masakin, Hajariya and Nouman mosque region, as tanks were deployed in Martyrs Square

Idlib: Sermeen: Regime's army surrounded the town from the south and east. Military helicopters are flying above the town amid the arrival of more military reinforcement

Homs: Maryrdom of the recruit Ayaz Abdelkareem Mohammad who is from the village of Shabak that continues from the township of Jal Agha in the province of Hasaka. The family of the martyr refused the reception of delegations of the regime. His funeral will be in the village today.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: The city has been under a broad military campaign since the morning with heavy shelling. A large group of tanks have entered the city from the south. Up until 7 am, 13 shells fell on homes and there is a heavy presence of snipers on the roofs of government building firing on whoever moves. The regime army has set up roadblocks and barriers reinforced with snipers to seperate the north and south side of the city.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Regime forces are shelling the homes surrounding Bilal Mosque in the in Ghorba neighborhood, with knowledge that the square of Bilal Mosque is the main demonstration location in the city.

Homs: Renewed artillery bombardment on Baba Amr at dawn today for the 24th consecutive day. Regime forces is shelling the neighborhood with various types of heavy weapons including rockets, mortars and tanks.


Syria Protests February 27, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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