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How many and when will...



February 22, 2006


How can a man hold office when it is shown that he came by it dishonestly.

How can any group, no matter under what name be allowed to secretely meet and allow the sale of property directly affecting national security?

How many Deaths does it take to add up to Genocide?

How Many Must Die Because Of A Lie?

How many Lies must be told before you are called a Liar?

How many Facts must come to light to Prove A Conspiracy?

When is a Theory no longer a Theory?

How many people shall die before there is an end to an Illegal War?

How many lives must be snuffed out like candles in the wind because of torture and abuse before those that allow it are brought to justice?

How many Birth Defects will come to light before they place the blame on Depleted Uranium?

How many of our Service People will become sick and die before the government admits it is caused by Depleted Uranium.

How long will this government be allowed to use Depleted Uranium and Phosphorus before the World says Enough is Enough.

How many Programs must be destroyed before a Leader is Called Incompetent?

How Many More True Patriots will be 'Slimed’ by those in office that did not, would not serve in the Armed Forces when it was their time.

How many No Bid Contracts must be handed out before a connection is made of favoritism, before an investigation? More so, when there have been charges time and time again of overcharging and failure to deliver the services paid for.

How many investigations will be stopped before it is called a Cover-up.

When will those in office be forced to accept accountability and responsibility and held accountable and responsible for their actions?

When will the punishment fit the crime? A governor receives a year for swindling 100,000.00 while a man with a family receives 2 to 5 for stealing groceries to feed his family.

How many Programs for the Poor and Elderly could be paid for with the money paid out for the pResidents many, many photo-ops around the world as he travels with his private army, his reporters, cars, Chefs and Food Tasters.

How many Beneficial Programs can be named that replaces any of the programs that have been ended or cut?

How many Katrina’s must happen to show how incompetent and ineffectual FEMA and Homeland Security really is.

How is it that our National Guard is in Iraq fighting a War they are not trained for with all their equipment when they are needed here. Doing what They Are trained for?

How is it that the very same National Guard needed here for our security will now be Cut according to pResident Bush.

How is it that we have seen Military Base closings, cuts in benefits yet Major Bases being built in places such as Iraq, a place where we are supposed to be finding a way to get out of.

How is it that we have not managed to use the right term in describing what we are doing in Iraq? One word describes it. OCCUPATION.

How is it with the Biggest Natural Disaster in our history that those affected most are Seeking Help From Other Countries because Our Own Government Will Not or is too Incompetent to Respond.

How is it when struck with a national disaster such as Katrina Aid was refused when offered by other countries, when our own was doing nothing and showing its incompetence.

How is it that the very people we need here during a Natural Disaster are not here, nor is their equipment? They are in Iraq and elsewhere.

How can you fight a War without preparing for it either going in or in coming out. Without the proper supplies and armament needed for the troops protection and well being.

How many American Citizens must die because of not being able to get food, medicine, shelter or heat before there is mention of pResident Bush Waging War on the American People.

How many republicans are busily scrapping the Bush/Cheney bumper stickers off their cars finally realizing they are supporting a Mad Man.

How many of our gentlemen career politicians wish they had the Heart of awomen like Cindy Sheehan In fact, how many of them even have the Heart to meet with her?

When will someone ask the Present Administration what Country They Work For, it is apparent they do Not Represent the American People.

How many Martha Stewarts will there be before they get one Ken Lay?

When will there be a Ceiling to Price Gouging as promised by VP Cheney?

How many Department Heads In Government actually have a working knowledge and experience at what they are doing?

When will someone in power say Enough Is Enough to the Profiteering of the Oil Companies?

When will the Petroleum Companies be forced to return some of their profits to the customers?

Why is it that the comment has been made by Congressmen that no one can read all the Bills before they are passed. What Are They Getting Paid For? Maybe they need to spend some of their vacation and recess time actually working. Hell give me what they get and I’ll do the reading for them.

Why is it those in Congress spend more time on vacations and recess than they do in office where half of them do not bother to show anyway? Yet they are called Lawmakers and are entrusted with the running of our nation. That is, the parts that not been sold off yet.

How is it that Foreign Interests own more of our country than We, the citizens do?

How is it if you follow the leader blindly and without thinking you are called a patriot, but should you question or ask for the truth you are unpatriotic.

With Petroleum Companies reporting the Largest Profits in History, why is it Bush see’s fit to allow them to sell Royalty Free to the tune of several Billion dollars.

How is it with the mass profits being made by the petroleum companies it takes a Man such as Chavez of Venezuela to help the poor of this country with heating oil.

When will Big Business be forced to Pay Their Fair Share in Taxes?

When will those in Government that Owe Taxes, Be Forced To Pay Them?

What happened to No Taxation without Representation?

How much backing should an Elected Democrat give Republican Programs before he is no longer considered a Democrat and forced from office?

How many Wars will be started on "Just Because’ without any evidence of danger to our country. Or on 'Manufactured Evidence’.

How many TV Preachers will be allowed to call for the Assassination of Leaders of Another Country before they are Shut Down?

How can they call the Media Liberal when all you hear is Rupugnican Propaganda.

How is it they have time to preach Hate and the Republican view in the Media but no time to report the real news?

How is it when a program does not work they simply change the name, now it works. That being the case they need rename Homeland Security to Homeland Insecurity, we know that is working.

How is it that Bin Laden has such good timing? Every time Bush gets into trouble and his popularity drops, here comes a tape from Bin Laden.

How many corporations have left the United States to Manufacture in another country for cheaper wages and lower taxes but still sell their goods here for the same price as when they left?

How many people have been stranded and left homeless in other states after being taken from the Gulf Coast after Katrina?

How can a person with the mentality of a spoiled, pampered, tantrum throwing twelve year old make it past any type of mental examination and be selected to run the most powerful country in the world?

When will they finally put qualified people over programs instead of incompetents?

How can Bush Preach Democracy in other countries when he is Destroying it here at home?

When will they return to voting with a pencil and paper with a picture of the candidate by their name so they can be counted without doubt as to who won. Instead of with machines that leave no paper trail and can be tampered with by a high school student?

It is supposed to be One Person, One Vote. Why then with the Electoral College some are allowed to Vote Twice?

How is it that the members of congress with their healthy wage increase every year, their benefits, their perks and what they can swindle through their pork barrel bills are not required to put in as many working days as the average working American?

Why should it be that the Supreme Court has Lifetime Appointments when it is not allowed in any other Branch of Government. Should they not be voted in just as any other politician?

How much power will the churches have in government before they are made to pay their fair share of taxes. I pay more tax on the case of beer I buy on sunday than the church does. Not only that, I am giving a job to someone who is actually working for a living.

We have always been known for a two party system, now we are three major parties. Democrat, (for the people) Republican (for the corporations) and Republicrat (for themselves and republicans) though voted in by democrats.

The Final Question…

How long will it be before we see this Administration up on Charges High Crimes and Misdemeanors, of Treason or brought before the Hague for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity?

This is quite a list and can no doubt be added to. See how many more you can add.

Nuff said…for now

Small Town Southern Illinois

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